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Tanning Demystified

Is tanning healthy for you or not? This question has been the source of plenty of conversation, speculation, and study. There are as many myths out there as there are facts, and nothing is conclusive. As with many things in life, there are benefits if something is done in moderation. But when done to excess the results of the behavior can change from beneficial to detrimental.

At Solar Energy Tan we subscribe to a philosophy of healthy tanning. What does that mean? Well, it starts with you, and your skin. The reality is that everyone's skin is different. Genetics, ancestry, and other factors all play a role in determining your skins ability to tan. This is why the first thing we do with every new customer is determine their skin type. Once we know your skin type, we can then plan out a tanning regimen that will accomplish your goals in a safe and sensible manor.

The next component of our approach to healthy tanning focuses on sunburn. Simply put, we feel that burning your skin is the single biggest cause of skin damage. The staff of Solar Energy Tan will never allow our customers to utilize our services in any way that could cause their skin to burn. We will advise a tanning regimen that slowly and safely builds a tan in your skin. That way you achieve the look you are going for, and at the same time build up your skins natural defenses to being out in the sun.

Another important factor in our tanning philosophy is moisturizing and hydration. We always recommend that our customer use tanning lotions before they tan, and moisturizers as part of their daily regimen. In addition to moisturizing, we strongly encourage that proper hydration be a part of your lifestyle. As part of this we offer complimentary bottled water for all of our customers.

Below you will find links to news articles and studies that concern tanning, and how it relates to your health. Please check back often as this area of the website will be update as new information becomes available.

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